• 19 November 2022



It's not that complicated to keep your circulation going. Many tips can be easily incorporated into the daily routine. Nature also helps.


What is casually called the circulatory system is correctly called the cardiovascular system or blood circulation system. This refers to the body's approximately 100,000-kilometre-long transport system, which uses the blood to bring nutrients and oxygen to the body's cells and to remove metabolic products. The circulatory system consists of the heart and the blood vessels that run through the entire body. The blood flows away from the heart in the arteries, while the veins return it to the heart.


At the same time, many people suffer from circulatory problems. "A common cause of circulatory problems is low blood pressure. If there is a sudden drop in blood pressure, the autoregulation of the brain vessels is no longer able to keep the blood pressure at a certain level for a short time. The brain is then no longer supplied with sufficient blood for a short moment and symptoms of dizziness and blackness before the eyes occur," says the health insurance company AOK.


Low blood pressure, medically called "arterial hypotension", is the main cause of circulatory problems. "But that is no reason to bury your head in the sand. Everyone can do something themselves to have a stable circulation. Whether at home or in the office - numerous tips can easily be integrated into everyday life," says Frank Felte, founder of Natura Vitalis. The company is one of the largest and best-known manufacturers of natural vital substances in Germany.


"Already early in the day, you can start the day by getting your circulation going: At the end of the morning shower, an alternating bath should be introduced: cold, hot, cold - this trains the vessels to dilate and constrict again more quickly." This helps the blood pressure to react better to current demands and reduces the incidence of dizziness caused by circulatory problems. By the way, it is enough to direct the cold stream to the arms and legs. Those who tend to have cold feet should regularly give them something to do, for example by moving them back and forth on hedgehog balls or, in between, preferably without shoes, rolling the feet from the toes to the heels several times with pressure on the floor.


Frank Felte also emphasises the importance of natural vital substances. "A good circulatory tonic is also a distillate of rosemary needles or other rosemary products," Frank Felte knows. Sprayed on the skin or around the head, the distillate awakens the spirits. To do this, simply use a mixture of rosemary oil and water or a hydrolate, i.e. a plant water that is produced during distillation.


He points out the Natura Vitalis product "ArterioVital". It contains a special nutrient formula with vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin K and the trace element iron, which contributes to the comprehensive support of the cardiovascular system. It was developed according to the latest scientific findings and combines the crucial heart nutrients in one product. Regular intake of "ArterioVital" can thus support your health into old age. Because as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said: "What is to act on the heart must come from the heart.

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